Unifying Patterns

This past week I was pandering over what kind of design I think is the most challenging and that’s when working with different patterns popped in my head. Who of us struggles with how to make the patterns we love work together in a room? Well I raise my hand because even as a season designer it’s challenging to bring patterns together. That’s why in this post I decided to take a closer look at pattern. I round up some pretty cool rooms using pattern as it design backdrop and I even done one myself check out these cool room decorated in patterns done right.
I love this room because the designer chooses the right since of patterns and it doesn’t look like it’s too much. Mixing patterns of various sizes helps set the style of this beautiful bedroom. The wallpaper pattern is a dark contrast to the light window covering pattern and the stripe rug is a bold but complimenting pattern to ground the room. I absolutely love this room.

Pattern walls, sofa and window covering

Check out the bold patterns in this room!

Look how well all the patterns work in this room.

Pretty retro right! Here are a few patterns I put together for you. If you were to design a room with these patterns it would be pops and subtleness’ of pattern mix together. I put the solid in to com the eye just a little
I Love this one as well! This is not too bad on the eyes.
Wow this is wild! Normally what you would do is take the pattern you are most attracted to and then choose two more that work with it. Three patterns provide plenty of variety sometimes more than three can be overwhelming but I chose four because as long as the two large patterns don't compete with attention there won’t be a problem and sometimes using them in different parts of the room helps also

This is what I cooked up for you in 3d design. Now I would definitely do this is someone’s house because it’s not to disturbing to the eye at least not to me others may think differently. I mostly used color to unify the patterns. This is another way to make pattern work in your room. What do you think is this too much pattern or just right? Here is what I used below
Here are the different patterns I used. They all seems to work. Large and small scale working together.

Here is what to remember when using pattern in your design.
Tie them together.Take your one pattern inspiration and then choose two more that work with it.
Use color to unify the patterns. Pattern with a light background will open up the room; ones with dark background makes it more intimate so all you have to do is figure out what feeling and mood you like. 
Vary them.Choose a variety of styles and use pattern that are different in scale.

Friends I hope this was helpful and inspiring thanks for stopping by and checking out my little old blog I hope I'm giving you something to think about in the design world or should I say my world. Please let me know in your comment below what you think of this post and most of all if you are inspired by my blog. 
Thanks again 
Shinay Key

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