Staring our house hunt!

Yes, yes, yes we FINALLY are ready to buy a house!

No more renting, no more apartments on the second floor, no more having my garage on the other side of the complex, no more nondescript decortaing, we willl be able to be in our OWN space.

As first time home buyers we're trying to determine exactly what we want and need.

So we've made 2 separate lists, our must-haves list and our wishes list.

Here's our Must-Haves List:

3 (preferably 4) bedrooms

2 bathrooms

A backyard with grass (in AZ that's not a given)

Newer (Not much more than 10 years old.)

No major renovations needed right away.

And our Wish List:

Hardwood (or similar) floors

3 car garage

Fenced in Pool

Nice finishes (ie counter tops, cabinets etc)

No popcorn ceilings

Smooth walls (AZ homes have a lot of textured walls and I'm not a fan.)

What advice do you have as we start our search?

Anything we should add to either list?

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