Friday's Runway Decorate- Men Style

Hello friends, happy Friday "I know were all happy it’s the weekend baby". Now we all know what happens around here on Friday's right! Yup you guessed it Runway decorate. Well last week runway decorate was pretty different because I did the decorate part and it was so fun and because it was so fun I thought how about I do another one this week. Now I can assure you friends this is not how every week is going to be but I wanted to share this cool runway decorate e-design I did with you. Trust me it wouldn’t be fitting if I’ve done this and not share with my peeps so check out this cool runway man model and see if I achieved runway decorate success.
We have this fine male model not walking the runway but showing the way of how to rock a cool to the bone outfit yes check out this cool plaid gray blazer and the sharp contrast of the orange shirt is showing this blazer at its best but if the orange shirt wasn’t enough he’s rocking a white shirt under his cool orange shirt and rockin a nice black tie. Now if this isn’t style at its best I’m not sure what is.
Now check out this cool room stealing this male model vibe. Don’t you just love the plaid gray wallpaper with little orange stripes going through it? Well friends I must admit the orange stripes weren’t part of this wallpaper design but yours truly thought a orange stripe embellishment would be just what the doctor ordered but besides that check out the beautiful sofa , orange leather chair mimicking the orange shirt, and the curtains what can I say designed by me. How about the cool statues aren’t they divine? Well friends this is runway decorate at its best I hope you could agree.
I think a bachelor would love to live in this room heck a girl wouldn’t mind either.

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Thanks friends for checking out this weeks Friday's Runway Decorate its been fun I hope you enjoyed my version of the male room runway decorate. Do you want to runway decorate your room? Runway Decorate E-design is coming soon to a mailbox near you hint,hint.

So what do you think?
Please let me know in your comment below!

Happy Friday
Shinay Key

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