What I would have said in that moment

The other day I was having a conversation with a parent at a local play area and I told her what I did.

(Refinishing and restoring furniture as a little side business)

Her response was, "People like you drive me crazy. You charge ridiculous money for slapping paint on a dresser."

I just stared at her and honestly tried not to cry. 

I mumbled something about the work that goes into a piece and then thankfully Rhett was ready to go so we left. 

I've thought a lot about what I would have liked to say to her if I could live that moment over again, so this is what I'd say.

Isn't this amazing?

And so true. 

What we do is not some dumb housewife activity because we have nothing better to do. 

We do it because it allows us to fill real needs, for real people. 

Our "artisitc" hobbies are in numerous ways like a job.

We make things.

We sell them.

We put energy, love, and skill into what we produce.

We promote our product and ourselves.

We meet deadlines.

We put hours of labor and worry and our very best into our creations.

And even though for most of us, our hobby/job isn't the main source of income in our home, it does contribute to our family's income.

I am proud of myself for what I do, what I've learned, what I continue to learn and what I create.

It's not always 1000% perfect and I work on achieving that with each new piece.

So please don't tell me that my time, energy and sweat is worthless.

And if you think it is then I truly feel sorry for you; that you can't find the joy in creating something from nothing. 

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