Friday's Runway Decorate- Designed by Shinay

Hello friends, its been a while since we've done a Friday's runway decorate that is why I thought I would make this one a little special. This time I decided to do the decorate part. That's right my very own runway decorate. Sometimes friends when you talk the talk you have to walk the walk. Walk the runway I mean. Check out this cool runway decorate e-design I did and let me know if I walked the walked.

I love this runway model she is wearing Donna Karan Fall 2011 RTW- Runwayapparel and the look is amazing and elegant to perfection. Check out her beautiful dress and the belt that raps her waist and how about them up to the elbow fury gloves they are to die for. We can’t leave it there; don’t you just love that lovely purse? Well check out this amazing room that is inspired by this beautiful runway model.

Check out this runway inspired living room done by none other than…….. Me yep you heard right this is a design I designed after this runway model. Let me tell you why I chose what I chose for this room. We all can agree this model is beautiful and her outfit is all the more amazing but more than that I'm quite a fan to the sexy style and look so it was only fitting to style a room like her. First we have the lovely wallpaper rose wallpaper a Vivienne Westwood, the stylish window covering framing the beautiful windows. Moving right down to the tufted Benny sofa from theZ Gallery and the fabulous Oly Studio Bruno Cocktail Table sitting between the two GavinChairs from Zinc Door. I don’t know about you but I love this runway room design.
The belt!
The purse!
The suede furry on top gloves!
The Room!!!
Work it Girl!!!

Runway decorate at its best!!
 Product mood-board

Friends thanks for checking out this week special edition of Friday's runway decorate it was fun for me to do and I love how the room turned out now if you think you would like a runway decorate room for yourself this is a new service I will be offering in the very near future. Runway Decorate E-design I would explain that detail coming soon so please in the mean time please let me know what you think of this week runway decorate in your comment below.
Happy Friday 
Shinay Key

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